I ordered the wrong binder! What can I do?




  • Olivia Wilson

    I wanted to order 2 mediums but the receipt shows 2xxs. Could I please get this changed?

  • Athena C

    I wanted to order a large white half binder, but I made a mistake in sizing and put medium instead.  If I could get this changed, I would be very thankful. 

  • Athena C

  • Kyle Seiler

    Wrong size I ordered 5XL but it come out XXXS

  • Kyle Seiler

    I make mistake to ordered it supposed be 5XL can I exchange it?

  • jasminiglesia11

    I wanted to order a XL but it came as a XXS. Is there a way i can get a new one without paying another $40?

  • Kara Dipede

    What is the return/exchange policy after the product has arrived?

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