Can I swim in my binder?




  • Ryan Arbogast

    Yes. Wash it as soon as possible afterword's though. Use chlorine removing shampoo with your regular binder washing soap if you have it. Chlorine will, over time, wear your binder down, that is if you let it sit. If you wear it to a salt water pool, beach, pond, etc., just wash it normally. So, Swim all day, enjoy the pool, beach, wherever, but WASH YO BINDA.

  • Matthew (he/him)

    This is more of a comfort tip than a really important thing to remember. This is like advice if being stealth is important to you or if dysphoria and passing is a priority. 

    On top of making sure you are careful with your binder and having a dedicated swimming binder, consider the colour too. All the colours other than white (and maybe nude? i dont own a nude colour so i wouldnt be able to input on it) are ideal as they dont go very see through when wet. Like the original post said, the material isnt a problem as it can pass very well for a rashguard. 

  • Keiji

    How hard of physical exercise will I be able to do while swimming in a binder? I get that you can’t work out, but if I run on the beach after my friends and play tag for instance, do I have to take my binder off? What are the limits?

  • Tiarn Edwards

    Considering that it is mentioned that chlorine eats away at the material, is it possible for you to produce an option of binder made from chlorine resistant material?? As a swim teacher I am in chlorine water 5 out of 7 days a week, and i always buy high quality chlorine resistant bathers, etc; and i would more readily purchase and wear a chlorine resistant binder option at work.

  • Spencer ☀️

    What if you’re going to a lake and don’t really have access to washing it? Could you just use soap and water and leave it up to dry?

  • Cameron

    Rinsing your binder with soap and water and hanging to dry should do the trick!

  • Spencer ☀️

    I’m sorry I’m annoying but even after doing so it shouldn’t do any wear and tear or damage to it?? I’m sorry I’m just super nervous bc ive never swam in a binder before so I’m unsure of the aftercare bc of different conditions !!!

  • eli boverman

    i used to just wash my binders by hand after swimming and stuff because i didn’t want to damage them but i’ve started to put my binders in the laundry/ dryer with my regular clothes and they don’t have any sort of damage or anything, they just fit a little more snug right after they come out of the dryer. rinsing it with soap and water after swimming should be totally fine, i’ve done that a lot and these binders are pretty strong so they still bind great and don’t have any wear and tear or damage :)

  • Spencer ☀️

    Oh oof okay so, I’ve only got one binder and I plan to bring it to the lake with us this week. I also plan on swimming it but it’s in my proper fit (it’s not too tight or anything, it’s a perfect fit) and I’m worried about washing, then putting it back on to go swim and then washing it again. But my sister is also worried about how long it’ll take to dry so, is this a smart thing to do or should I bring a different top with me and just swim with a shirt on?

  • 351574

    you could try swimming in it and washing it and stuff, but maybe bring another top just in case it doesn’t dry fast enough or something. if you leave it in the sun it might dry faster (idk though i’ve never tried that, just that you’re at a lake and it’ll probably be sunny??) i’ve always had a dedicated swim binder so i’m just guessing on all this but i think it’ll be fine as long as you bring a backup top just in case.

  • Ciel maas

    I am a regular swimmer (4-5 times a week) in a lake. I always wear my gc2b binder, it never caused any trouble. Just wait till you are dry to take it off:) and wash by hand as usual. It has lasted me 3 years now and still does it's job! I wear a rashguard over it or a triathlon suit because people around here don't take so kindly to something they see as odd(and i get sunburn like crazy).

  • Finero

    I swam in my large binder and let it sit for a few days before I washed it, but I’ve noticed it’s shrunk a bit. I know it has because I recently got 2 more large binders and the one that I swam in is noticeably tighter/overall smaller than the two new ones. I’ve washed it twice, is there any way to get it back to it’s original size?

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