What does it mean by "doesn't fit over shoulders"?


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  • Aspen

    If you're confused about what that means, but you're wondering if your binder is too small, I would suggest using the other signs to tell. They're much less confusing, in my opinion. Your binder is too small if:

     -you feel more than just mild pain after less than 8-10 hours of wearing it

     -you feel tingling in your arms or fingers (A sign of cut off circulation)

     -you have significant difficulty breathing not due to another factor such as anxiety or asthma

     -you get red marks anywhere from it digging into the skin

     -you have difficulty getting it over your shoulders. This means it feels like your shoulders are too broad for your binder, too wide for it to get over. If you're not sure what this means, though, because it is hard to understand, try the other signs!

    Good luck!

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