Tank or half for a petite person?



  • Ocean B

    Ah bonsoir à toi cher compatriote !


    Je vais écrire dans les deux langues. Normalement suivant le binder que tu achètes la taille ne change pas du tout. Ce n'est pas ta taille qu'il faut voir, mais la taille du binder elle-même. Te situes-tu entre les tailles ?

    Cela a été mon cas et l'équipe m'a conseillé de prendre un binder long car il a beaucoup plus de maintien au niveau du torse notamment. On connaît toustes bien ce "trou" entre le torse compressé et en dessous.

    Si tu ne te situes pas entre les tailles, ce n'est qu'une question de préférence. J'ai la chance de posséder les deux et chacun a ses inconvénients et avantages. J'aime le long pour son maintien et son efficacité de compression (les binder longs compressent donc légèrement plus), mais je préfère tellement le court pour la sensation de sentir le t-shirt contre sa peau. Comme je suis entre les tailles, le court marche moins bien et il y a ce fameux trou.

    Je te conseillerai énormément de demander à quelqu'un de te prendre les mensurations en lu montrant bien qu'est-ce que tu recherches. Les mensurations que j'ai prise moi-même étaient faussées malgré les multiples vérifications. Mon parent m'a indiqué une taille bien plus haute que je n'avais pris. Ce n'est pas étonnant que j'ai porté 2 ans un binder de la mauvaise taille !

    Garde bien en tête que peu importe notre taille, le binder est toujours trop long. J'ai la chance de faire 1m70 et la taille L du binder long que j'ai est trop longue. Je dois le tirer vers mon pantalon et l'empêcher de remonter avec soit un jean serré à la taille ou une ceinture.



    Ah good evening to you, dear compatriot!

    I will write in both languages. Normally depending on the binder you buy the size does not change at all. It is not your size that you have to see, but the size of the binder itself. Are you between the sizes?

    This was my case and the team advised me to take a long binder because it has a lot more support, especially around the torso. We all know this "hole" between the compressed torso and underneath.

    If you don't fit between the sizes, it's just a matter of preference. I am fortunate enough to own both and each has its disadvantages and advantages. I like the long one for its support and compression efficiency (the long binder compresses slightly more), but I prefer the short one so much for the feeling of feeling the shirt against your skin. As I'm between sizes, the short one doesn't work as well and there is that famous hole.

    I would advise you very much to ask someone to take your measurements and show you what you are looking for. The measurements I took myself were wrong despite the many checks. My parent gave me a size much higher than I had taken. No wonder I wore the wrong size binder for 2 years!

    Keep in mind that no matter our height, the binder is always too long. I'm lucky enough to be 1,70, and the L size long binder is way too long. I have to tuck in in my trousers.





    >>>>> Don't hesitate. Feel free to contact the support. They always give useful information and are happy to help. It's their job. >>>> https://www.gc2b.co/pages/contact-us


    Salut !

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  • Jonah Miller

    I’m also 5’1, and I only weigh about 100lbs, I’m a very small person and I got the medium half binder, and it fits just fine. I know it’s confusing because usually we have to get XS but trust me on this one

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  • A. Carvalho

    Hi everyone!
    Thank you for all your answers!
    I ended up returning the long version (ordered in XL, too big and going way too low on my hips).
    I now have the tank version (the one with a racerback that just went back in stock) in L, and it's a *perfect* fit!
    I'm so happy with my binder! It's not too tight and the racerback really allows me to work and move as freely as before! (I'm a carpenter and a craftsman)
    I may need to go for M once I get back in shape, but right now it's perfect :)

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