Binding with Asthma



  • Ken

    I have asthma too, and even though I think I’m wearing the correct size, it still makes my wheezing worse. I’m thinking about trying the next size up to see if it helps.

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  • Caleb the Unicorn

    I have asthma, but it isn’t that bad. But what I would say is that no matter what binder size you end up getting, if your wheezing and such gets bad, take the binder off immediately.

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  • Fabled Wolf Jack

    I have asthma as well but i actually got a binder way too small for me by accident and it made my lungs feel super compressed and i would have to take it off ever two hours and it would leave large indents and divits in my skin, but once i got my new one it didnt affect my asthma that much, only when im doing work that requires a lot of labor or Exercising

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