Binder stretching


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  • l miller

    Hi Storm

    Is it possible your binder may be too small? If your chest is too big for the binder that may be the reason for it stretching.

    As for solutions you can try putting it in the dryer, but not for too long as that can damage the fibers. I have never tried mine in the dryer before but I have heard that it works so you can give it a whirl.

    If that fails, you can layer with a tank top on top of the binder to improve appearance or add a funky vest or flannel (I know it's summer, it's hot, but that's all I really have for you.)

    If all else fails you might just have to buy a new binder. I'd suggest emailing GC2B about this issue before you decide to buy another one, they might be able to help more than I can.

    Safe travels, friend

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