I fall between sizes what do I do?


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  • l miller

    Hi Jordan

    I would obviously advise against using the single XL binder, because you stated that it is too small. If you're looking for a way to flatten yourself with a binder that is too big, there is one solution I have for you: Layering.

    You can put a tank top over your binder, wear a vest or flannel with your shirt, or come up with a new way to layer.

    I am aware that it is summertime so layering might not be an option due to heat, which is unfortunate. If you decide to layer anyways make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

    If you really need a binder that is a little smaller but not too constrictingl you may want to try a different seller such as Underworks or the sketchy ones on amazon. Not the safest option, of course, but if you really need it.

    Safe travels, friend


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