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  • l miller

    Hi Mallek

    If you have a trusted friend you are out to and they are willing to help you out in getting one I would definitely ask, you may have more allies around you than you think.

    If not, you could try entering a binder giveaway, you can find them all over trans dude Instagram, usually you only have to follow someone or re-post a picture to enter.

    There are several different programs that hand out binders to transmasc people in need including but not limited to Binders for Bros and Point of Pride.

    If all else fails, you can always send GC2B an email explaining your situation and they might be able to help you.

    safe travels, friend

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  • Jake Florez

    hey, im really sorry about your situation. the most cost effective response i can think of is wearing sports bras if thats available to you. if it's not a feasible option to alleviate dysphoria, i'd do what I miller said and try to enter a binder giveaway on instagram or tumblr. #bindergiveaway #transgiveaway or #ftmgiveaway will show you a bunch of stuff on instagram. if your parents search your phone then you can use the school computers if they allow for that. here's a guide for using instagram on desktop if you need it. the tech that my parents used before only searched my texts, but not my apps so knowing if -- and how -- they're monitoring you is super important. at the end of the day you can ask a friend to borrow their phone to look up something, and if you want you can delete their search history afterwards. here is an informative post i found on @trxnsboys from instagram on how to get a binder while still stealth. if that link is doodoo then it's one of their most recent posts.

    if you can play the long game then you can order a binder close to the holidays and say it's a present for somebody. this will dissuade them from looking closer at it. the only thing is that you also need to afford a real gift, but this doesnt sound feasible for you. if you do get it shipped to you though you should have a good excuse as to why they shouldnt look. i would also preemptively search for places to hide it if you do get it as well as excuses for if its actually found. at the end of the day your identity is not defined by how you look nor by your body parts, its something that i have to throw my all into believing because i dont have any other choice. existence is resistance and for me, loving my body regardless of how well i pass is me giving a big finger to anybody that tells me otherwise. sorry if this whole post seems preachy, ive just been there for a while but i got lucky enough to rebuild my relationship with my parents. i was fully ready to leave them forever though, and that's some real shit. im praying for your survival <3 hope this helps, stay safe

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