Binding at 14


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  • Jake Florez

    hi! i've been binding with gc2b since i was 14, and if you're careful with it i would say it's relatively safe. BUT!! how safe your binding experience is depends entirely on how you wear it, and your size. if you follow the guidelines gc2b outlines, then you should be fine wearing it. i know it can be really tempting to bind continuously for multiple days, or bind for more than 8 hours, or to value the looks over the potential pain you might experience, but you need to be careful and value your physical health over wearing the binder. you can do real, long-term damage to yourself if you're not careful. if you dont position your chest correctly in the long-term, it could cause permanent damage to your nipples and make you ineligible for top surgery. if you fall asleep with it on, you could cause permanent damage to your chest/ribcage/lungs, which can lower your lung capacity amongst other things (a mistake that i made at 14, that i regret even now at 20). if you wear it for too long in a day, you could risk overheating or developing a rash/chafing from sweat (rash is not as serious, but still sucks and would require you to take a few days' break).

    i dont want to scare you away from buying a binder, because a binder can be a great tool to alleviate dysphoria. i just want you to be aware of how big of a responsibility it is to protect yourself while wearing your binder. i think it might be a good idea to reach out to her and share this responsibility with her. she can help remind you to take breaks when you need it, and she's involved with you in this big part of your life. also emphasizing how important this is to you, that its not just something for looks but also to alleviate a big stress youve had for a while. try to stay calm and listen to her too if she gets scared or upset. if she cares about you then she'll try to understand how important this might be, and if you care about her you'll take the time to educate her about this. maybe prepare a few articles for her to read from credible sources (HRC, PFLAG, GLAAD, PointOfPride, PlannedParenthood, here are a few links as well). you can find a lot of local resources if you google them as well. arming yourself with knowledge aimed at parents can really help ease her mind knowing that you're safe. i hope i helped in some way! good luck :)

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