Would wearing men's pants hide my curves?



  • Finn

    because Judah does not identify as female, they identify as genderfluid. Also, not all girls like guys, trust me I should know.

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  • Karmen

    Yes, men's pants definitely will help with that. Make sure to try out a few different sizes if you've never worn men's pants before, though. I have to get pants in men's a bit bigger because I have wide hips and thighs that aren't accommodated for.  

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  • max powers

    From personal experience (with an absolutely out-of-this-world waist-to-hip ratio myself, no, please, thank you, I'm too blessed, give it to someone who wants it) yes and no.

    Will it make you look like you don't have curves at all? Unlikely, because, at the risk of being blunt, it isn't your pants making you look curvy, it's your curves doing that. Men's pants do have a slightly minimizing effect on my hips and ass, compared to women's pants, and to some extent this is a known thing, like cis gay men will sometimes wear women's jeans to make their asses look great. But no one is going to be mistaking my hips and ass for AMAB anything, no matter what jeans I wear. That's just facts.

    Now, as to overall fit. I was told for years that men's clothing would be cruel to a curvy individual such as myself, because it just isn't cut for bodies like mine. There have certainly been some fitting room disappointments with off-the-rack items. But in some ways, men's pants actually fit me way better than women's pants ever did, because I'm also tall. Women's pants aren't long enough in the leg, and worse, tend to be cut too short in the crotch. And, ironically, I tend to be too curvy even for women's clothing, which can be baggy in the waist. If I get something that fits my waist, it's for someone so petite it's not fitting the rest of me. Some of the most perfectly fitting pants I've ever worn have been men's jeans. I find the cut of men's clothing to be more forgiving in some ways. It often just isn't as form-fitting as women's clothing, and on items that are form-fitting (like skinny jeans) you get enough stretch in the fabric to make it work with almost any body.

    If you're short enough that a 30" inseam is too short on you, you might try boys' pants rather than men's, or else have them hemmed. You might think boys' pants will be too small, but the "husky" sizes can accommodate a larger figure. Very YMMV, I don't know how tall/short or large/small you are overall.

    One thing to watch out for is you may be tempted to wear the biggest, baggiest men's pants you can find, to cover all trace of curves. This may be semi-effective, but it will also have the effect of making your bottom half look wider overall, which will be contrasted with your relatively narrow top half.

    You also mention that you're getting your waist cinched in by the binder, I assume you're wearing a tank style? A half style might resolve that somewhat, or if you're short enough that the half style is pressing on your waist, folding the bottom part of it so it doesn't?

    Another thing is that some compression garments for the hips/ass (think Spanx, and similar) may minimize those regions, though you'd also have to find a style that doesn't compress your waist (or just take some scissors to that part). I find this to work, but I'm also not looking to wear that many compression garments, it feels a bit excessive to do that along with binding. For a special event, maybe, but under daily wear?

    This is an entertaining read and informative guide: https://web.archive.org/web/20190118164154/http://ftmguide.rassaku.net/index.htm

    It's written by a gay trans man, and is mostly passing stuff that he's found to work for him and match his own style. I have my own approach, and it's not really a problem for me if I look more like a lesbian than a man (why not both?) and you will pry the skinny jeans from my cold punk hands (he doesn't like them, his loss) but the stuff about shapes and overall silhouette and whatnot did give me a better feel for what I was doing, even when I knew what I wanted to do wasn't helping me pass and just didn't care. It did definitely make me think more about how big my sleeve openings were.

    Another weird illusion thing, this is hard to pull off while looking particularly masc, but if you're going for a more androgynous look it can work, but if you have something that covers your torso and stops just after the wide point of your hips (a long shirt or short dress, for example) it can fool the eye into grouping the narrower leg part as one unit and noticing less how wide the hips are.

    At any rate, I don't think men's pants/unisex shirts will have any negative effect. Try on clothes you like and see how they suit you?

    Oh yeah, a classic transmasc trick is layering, like having pants low enough that you can see a few inches of underwear. This does seem somewhat effective, but doesn't mesh with everyone's personal style.

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  • maria garcia

    Yes it would, but why would you want to hide your curves?  Guys LOVE curvy girls, trust me, I should know.

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