Full or half binder for a non-skinny person???



  • Strainasylum

    Same here.  I got a full length binder from Underworks & it was heavy & uncomfortable; I live in FL, so it gets really hot here.  In addition, their binder didn't seem to "bind" very well.

    With gc2b, I'm hoping for better; I already like their style better.  I just need to know if full, half or racerback would be better for someone with rolls. 



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  • Alex

    Hey there. I am pretty fat (I measured and sized at the maximum measurements for gc2b's biggest binder size). I don't really have "rolls" because my body fat mostly developed as a large round belly, but I hope my experience will still be helpful.

    I purchased both a half and full size binder from gc2b, because i asked my other trans friends and got varying advice. I live in Arizona, so both my body and the heat were a concern. I haven't tried a racerback at all.

    Between the half and full, I have a very strong preference for the half, although they both fit me.

    In general, the full size was quite tight on my belly and the sensation was a bit much. Additionally, adjusting it after it was on was kind of difficult because it clung to my belly. It also didn't have any compression or shaping on my belly to make the sensation worth it - it just kind of felt like I was wearing a swimsuit and it didn't seem to give any benefit for binding. I took it off pretty quickly but didn't return it so I have a backup. I didn't try wearing it outside.

    The half size, on the other hand, was a lot less stifling. Since it doesn't put any pressure on my belly, it's significantly more comfortable. I've had a decent amount of experience wearing it outside in 110+ degree weather, and it does get pretty hot under my shirt. The full size would probably get too hot, so I think for hotter weather the half is better too.

    As for binding, they both worked about the same. I may not be the best experience to go on though - my chest is uneven, and while my smaller side (B or C ish) binds very well my larger side (large D) doesn't get compressed quite as well. On the half size that side also occasionally "slips out" from the bottom a little bit, which probably wouldn't be as big of a problem on the full size. However I chalk these problems up to my body, and not the binder itself. A custom one would probably work better for my chest, and that isn't gc2b's fault.

    Like I said, I measured out at the upper limit for the biggest binder, so YMMV if you otherwise measure out for a smaller size. Everyone's body is different, and I've had other fat trans friends of mine say they preferred a full binder. So don't take my experience as universal. Before I bought I had a hunch that the half would be better, and I was right, so I would say if the full size sounds uncomfortable for any reason, you're safe to go with your gut. Between the two, I would personally probably suggest a half size for most people with similar bodies to mine (and especially with heat concerns).

    I hope that helps!

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  • Strainasylum

    Thanks, Alex!  

    Yes, it's helpful; I live in Florida, so I'll definitely take your advice on the half binder.

    My measurements are all a bit over the top size, but only just a bit; hoping it'll be ok.  The irritating part is that I was 80# lighter just 3 yrs ago; a year of chronic bronchitis & steroids left me that much higher ;(

    If the full gc2b binder was hot, the full length Underworks will stifle you; it's very thick.

    Anyway, I've ordered the racerback; I'll let you know how it fits.  It's the same type back as my sports bra, which was great because the straps stayed in place.

    Stay well.

    Scott Strain


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