What do i do if my chest is too big for any sizes?



  • claud

    Hello! If that's the case then I would say gc2b is probably not the brand for you and to look into another one with different sizes. The one I would recommend is shapeshifters! All of their binders are custom made for each person- basically you work with someone on their team and send them all your measurements and they'll handmake one for you. I have a friend who has one from them and he says it's really comfortable because it's built exactly for his body and would definitely recommend them. The only thing is because they are custom made, they are slightly more expensive but I've heard it's well worth the cost and they are just as durable as gc2b's binders. Their website is right here.

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  • max powers

    People will be reluctant to say this, because I think most people are very worried about someone potentially binding with a binder that's too small and hurting themselves (which you definitely should not do) but sometimes fit doesn't map perfectly to measurements. In a smaller size than my measurements would indicate, my chest is almost falling out of the binder, it's so loose. Yet a friend sized up past their measurements and still has discomfort and it might be too tight. The reason for this is just that bodies squish, and no two bodies squish in exactly the same way. I would think that especially on larger bodies, there's a greater percentage of flesh that's able to squish around, as opposed to non-negotiable stuff like ribs and lungs. My personal hunch is that the bigger the difference between your underbust/rib measurement and the largest-part-of-chest measurement, the more your true size might be smaller than what the size chart says--and vice versa, if those two measurements are very close, you might even need to size up from what the size chart says. But this is only my guess. There are likely other factors, like the overall mass of the chest (how far it protrudes doesn't tell you exactly the volume) how dense it is, and so on, which is why I think fit can be so individual. One more factor is that I happen to have around ten inches of height on the friend who needed to size up, I don't know if tall people size down more and short people size up more, it's just a thing I noticed. As long as you're being really honest with yourself and not going to wear something that is limiting your breathing or hurting you, I think it's okay to experiment with sizes.

    So it's possible that the 5x might fit fine, or even that a 4x fits, or it could be that you get the 5x and go "There is no way this is going to work." Or of course the most dangerous possibility, which is that you can get it on but you can tell it's too tight (causes pain, restricts breathing). In that case of course you shouldn't wear it, and should follow up with another brand, like Shapeshifters. (Another good thing about Shapeshifters is you can have them made with a side zipper, which makes them easier to get on if you don't have the most agile shoulders.)

    But I would say only try the gc2b 5x if you're comfortable with the risk that you may have to resell, donate, or exchange it if it's not a good fit. Or if you know your size fluctuates up and down over time and think that even if it's too small it might be useful at some point in the future.

    I took a similar risk in ordering too small for my measurements (not because they didn't have them in my measurements, just because I had a hunch based on how my body usually squishes, and I was right) and I knew I was foregoing the return because Support will never tell you to go smaller than your measurements, because there's too much of a risk of highly dysphoric people wearing things that are hurting them. I was glad I did, the one I ordered was if anything a bit loose on me, though that makes it great for exercising in, and it's very comfortable.

    One more thing, the shoulder measurement, as far as I can tell, has less to do with how it will actually fit on your chest, and more with if you will be able to get it on at all. My shoulder measurement is around 3-4 sizes larger than what actually fits me. I happen to naturally be built with very broad shoulders and a very narrow ribcage. If I bought according to my shoulder measurement, there wouldn't be any binding happening at all. Luckily, I'm flexible in the shoulders and can wriggle into the ones that fit my chest. So that's another thing to consider, if your shoulder measurement is the main sticky wicket, how flexible your shoulders are, and in general how your body is proportioned.

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