Am I too young for a binder?



  • Ocean B

    If I were to be in your shoes, I would stick to sports bras for the meantime. Then I'd move to binders :/

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  • floresmvanessa

    there are tight sports bra. but honestly i find they can be even more uncomfortable and restricting then binders cause the band is too tight around the diaphragm whereas with binders you can breath easy. unfortunately i dont think we can bind everyday so some days i let me chest be free and layer up with a jacket or somthing so people do not notice at work. im not a medical professional but i am training to be a mental health professional in my opinion of course your mom is going to worry. mine did too becouse she was afraid i was turning into a man or hurting myslef. but as long as you dont bind everyday all the time i think you can make it work. my little cousins started binding at 12 but his case was is different of course. hope this helped a little.

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  • Rhiannon G

    It should be fine for you to bind (to be sure you should ask your doctor), but it's very important for you to bind properly. Your mother is partially right, if you damage your breast tissue it can mess with your results if you end up wanting to get top surgery, and damage your breasts if you sometimes like to present fem. Sports bras are also a good cheap alternative, as other people said, but if you can't get flat enough, or if you have to wear them so tight it's hurting you, it's probably a good idea to look into a binder. If you WANT to stunt your breast growth, you should talk to doctors about looking into transition. Binding is very much not the way to stunt breast growth.

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