• joey kman

    I would recommend getting a M or a L. If you find that it's too big, you can always exchange for a smaller size.

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  • Cory Tascarini

    ⬆Agree! ⬆
    Definetly if discomfort breathing dont go with a small.. If you feel that youre friends Lg was "mostly working"...if it also means you felt some what comfortable and that binding at that "amount" is sufficient for your mind and body, especially with the proper fitting/style shirt(s), binding loosely is definetly more comfortable, safer and less aggressive on your neck/back/spine and even mind. Not such a bad idea if your just beginning too. And like commented above, exchanging for a size lower or evenpurchasing another in M for slender outfits/occasions and the LG for comfy/as see fit.

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